Edmond, OK – Calvary Baptist Church

Who We Are

Calvary Baptist Church is an independent, fundamental Baptist Church. We focus all of our preaching, teaching, philosophy, and purpose from the Holy Word of God. The Bible that we use in our classes and from the pulpit is the King James Version.

We believe that the main purpose of Calvary Baptist Church is to spread the gospel to the farthest reaches of the world, baptizing new believers and then equipping and preparing them to be mature Christians (Matt 28:20). We do this locally, as a church, here in Edmond and around the world through the many missionaries and Christian ministries that our church supports through prayer and finance.

Calvary Baptist Church is known to have a loving and friendly atmosphere. We desire that those in need of the gospel will come and feel welcome, but most importantly be pointed toward Calvary and Christ’s amazing sacrifice for their sin.
At Calvary Baptist Church we desire

To Inspire

people to develop a heart for God—Psalm 34

To Include

people in a loving church family—Acts 2:41

To Instruct

people from God’s Word —2 Timothy 2:2

To Involve

people in a biblically-correct ministry—1 Peter 4:10

To Impact

the Edmond/OKC area and the world with the Gospel of Christ—Matthew 28:19–20

If you are looking for a church to visit or attend, we would like to extend a warm welcome. We would love to meet you and by and thru God’s grace reach out to you.